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Coach outlet the emperor today Rende

23 Feb 14 - 06:12

So a few days , had also no problem , Lang spent a day in addition to the meals -to- house waiter will come , and the rest of the time did not go out too , although it is too boring days trapped nausea, can be better than being hunted out strong .

That day , the inn where not many people would think of Hwarang sit downstairs , by the way also listen to the recent Tianchang County nothing big happens .

Corner of the inn , sitting a few guests , they chat and talk very speculative .

I heard you, Ren Fei ah emperor to the national election , I wonder if someone's daughter to have this blessing !

Such a big thing , who have not heard , the family has daughters are waiting Nowadays, no daughter too had a boy hate it !

Oh yeah ,Coach outlet the emperor today Rende , someone's daughter married into the palace , will certainly be missed blessings .

Those who said so , after hearing these words Hwarang , suddenly excited , he has been thinking hard flat Thursday to kill their own reasons , and now , after hearing the news , he finally understood.

Princess elected emperor ,Coach factory online sale who want their daughters to be able to fly the branches when Phoenix , presumably Thursday flat , too, may have had with their Zhou Ting marriage , although is now lifted, hearts will certainly be flat on Thursday is not assured , and only kill yourself, dare to be flat on Thursday assured his daughter into the palace .

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